Smart Drug Delivery Technology

With the uncommon advances of biomedical nanotechnology amid the previous couple of decades, customary drug delivery systems (DDSs) have been included into smart DDSs with boosts responsive characteristics. The smart drug delivery system is utilized for conveying drugs to the host. Organic data identified by biological sensors is examined and the drug delivery system is impelled to convey the drugs in view of the data. The framework uses MEMS or NEMS innovation based drugs pumps, micro pumps, miniaturized needles, micro-osmotic pumps, and nano-pumps. MEMS based drug delivery system give improved medication treatment which permits precise dosing with more viability and adequacy. The utilization of MEMS for drug delivery through biocapsules, microneedles, and micropumps offers a less obtrusive drug therapy and enhances the quality life of the patients. It likewise incorporates sensors or communication frameworks to remotely actuate or control the pumps.